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Frequently Asked Questions ?

At Mera Insurance Wala , we know insurance can be confusing. That is why we took the time to answer the top most frequently asked insurance questions and post them here.

What is uninsured motorist coverage & what is covered with it?

An often misunderstood NY auto insurance coverage is NY uninsured motorist insurance coverage which protects you and the people in your car in the event another driver hits you with inadequate NY insurance coverage or no NY auto insurance at all.  Often drivers that carry low auto insurance liability limits do not have many assets to protect.  So in the event that you or someone in your car is badly injured by another driver and they have inadequate auto insurance liability a limit there is nothing to gain by suing the driver.

In that case you can put a claim in under your own insurance policy for NY uninsured motorist insurance coverage.

NY uninsured motorist insurance coverage is a relatively inexpensive coverage that is extremely important.

How much life insurance should I buy?

You could ask ten different insurance professional how much life insurance should I buy and you would get ten different answers.

The most common reasons for purchasing life insurance include coverage of debt, specifically a mortgage, replacing lost income for survivors and making sure there are funds available for education of children.

How you actually determine how much life insurance you need is really a personal decision. What I recommend is you find a life insurance agent you can trust, like Mera Insurance Wala, and have an honest discussion about what you hope to cover with your life insurance and what your financial capabilities are and make your decision from there.

What is physical damage coverage on a car insurance policy?

Physical Damage coverage on your auto insurance policy is coverage for damage done to your car.

Now if someone else is at-fault then their auto insurance will most likely pay for the damage. But when that is not the case then damage to your auto is covered under physical damage coverage.

What is considered a pre-existing condition on health insurance policy?

A pre-existing condition on a health insurance policy is any prior medical condition you have developed or sustained prior to purchasing the health insurance policy.

On most health insurance policies pre-existing conditions are only a concern if the policy holder did not have prior coverage with another health insurance carrier.

In the case of no prior insurance the health carrier will exclude coverage for six months to a year before providing coverage for that condition.

How does full glass coverage work?

Full glass coverage is an additional physical damage coverage which can be purchased on a personal or business auto insurance policy.

However, full glass coverage often needs to be purchased in conjunction with comp coverage. Full glass coverage adds glass breakage as an additional named peril to the auto insurance policy. This means you have coverage in the event that a rock gets kicked up off the road it breaks your windshield and in most cases there is NO deductible paid by you.

Full glass coverage does not coverage mirrors on most policies.

What’s the difference between group life and individual life insurance?

Group life insurance is a life insurance product that is provided by an employer. Sometimes the employer will cover the premium and other time group life is an optional benefit that the employee will purchase if they desire.

Individual life insurance is a product that you buy and own yourself that is separate from anything that has to do with your work.

Group life insurance can at time be slightly less expensive however there are many drawbacks and restrictions to a group life insurance policy that you must be aware of.


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